Each season we will be sharing the readings that are influencing us in an effort to make written materials more accessible.

On The Land was created out of the desire to break the glass ceiling of the Ivory Tower. Western Education across Turtle Island has historically been used as a colonizing tactic to assimilate Indigenous Youth. Our grandmothers and grandfather’s mouths were washed out with soap while their hands were whipped with rulers for speaking our languages - the source of our traditional knowledge, our education.

As contemporary youth that now are forced to function within settler colonialism, we often navigate multiple worlds with education institutions forming our crucial years of growth. Whether on the rez, in the village, living in the city, or navigating form place to place, we understand that each Indigenous person is an expert and knowledge holder within their own ability. It is our desire that education be taught in a culturally relevant, ethical, and revolutionary way; That our grandchildren are able to read about their ancestors in their textbooks and that the songs they sing in music class are sung in their languages; That each child can see themselves reflected in their curriculum.


We will also work to share excerpt from the readings that are particularly inspiring us.